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Olive Oil

Which tree is more symbolic than the olive tree?

The ancients said it was planted by the goddess Athena in person, to symbolize wisdom and godliness. In the Bible, it is an olive branch that the dove carries in its beak to signal to Noah that the earth is in sight. Mythical tree, the olive tree draws a culture, a landscape, a lifestyle.

Located in the middle of olive groves, sung by so many poets, Belgais remains faithful to its agricultural origins and engages in the preservation of a tree which is also a heritage. On a small scale, with exclusively natural methods, we produce a particularly pure and tasty oil, preserving all the delicacy and simplicity of the fruit: hand-picked and immediately pressed cold, the olives restore all their flavor, giving the Belgais olive oil its exceptional finesse.

Cold-pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Limited production of 1000 bottles

Coming April 2019

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